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It never made sense to me why you'd spend so much money on a beautiful pool and patio area, only to use cheap ugly plastic covers and drains. These drains customize perfectly and disappear beautifully. Turns a nice pool area into a beautiful pool paradise!

- Adam Dearing, AZ

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Pouralid Skimmers



Drain collar fits standard 3" or 4" SDR-35 drain pipe.  Install like normal deck drain.  Remove insert and stuff with foam, or plastic bag to prevent concrete from entering drain. PourALid 10" Skimmers for new construction fit: Hayward 1070, Hayward 1080, Waterway, Sta-Rite, Swimquip, U3, Jacuzzi, American, Pentair/Pacfab skimmers.  Do not use skimmer collar that comes from the factory. 
pouralid-installation-photos-5.jpeg pouralid-installation-photos-7.jpeg
Use the PourALid collar and align top edge with level of new deck.  Protect inside of skimmer collar with foam, plastic or cardboard to keep clean during pouring of deck. It is best to fill the drain inserts and skimmer covers separately.  
pouralid-installation-photos-6.jpeg pouralid-installation-photos-4.jpeg
It's OK if a little concrete drips over the edge during filling.  It will wipe clean or can be chipped off after drying. Fill with concrete and apply and colorant and texturing.  Do not remove the finger hole plugs, they will keep the finger holes clean while filling with concrete.
pouralid-installation-photos-1.jpeg pouralid-installation-photos-2.jpeg
Allow to dry at least 24 hours before placing in drain or skimmer collar. If you are applying a sealant later, it is best to remove the drain inserts and skimmers and apply the sealant/clear coat to them separately than reinstall after drying.
pouralid-installation-photos-8.jpeg  pouralid-installation-photos-3.jpeg
 Finished and sealed PourADrain by PourALid.  Finished and sealed PourALid hidden skimmer lid for new construction.


View the Technical Drawings (& dimensions) of the Pouralid here.